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Playground Safety Mats

Safety is the topmost priority when it comes to our specially designated playground safety mats. RubberSheetUK ensures an intact safety and protection from unfortunate falls and injuries, therefore guaranteeing a safe and healthy environment for children to play. The playground safety tiles have an excellent drainage system with specific features, thus making these rubber mats and tiles resistant to all kinds of weathers. The especially designed rubber flooring is convenient to clean and the heavy-duty rubber mediums used in the manufacture ensures a longer lasting durability. Additionally, theses playground safety mats are easy to install and fix.

    Playground Safety Mats

    • Playground Safety Tiles A

      Playground Safety Tiles A
      Price: £28.39 (Excl. VAT)
    • Playground Tiles

      Playground Tiles
      Price: £21.30 (Excl. VAT)
    • Jigsaw Playground Safety Mat Tiles

      Jigsaw Playground Safety Mat Tiles
      Price: £6.01 (Excl. VAT)
    • Interlocking Playground Tiles

      Interlocking Playground Tiles

      Price: £21.84 (Excl. VAT)
    • Rubber Grass Playground Mats A

      Rubber Grass Playground Mats A

      Price: £15.84 (Excl. VAT)
    • Grass Puzzle Tiles B

      Grass Puzzle Tiles B

      Price: £17.47 (Excl. VAT)
    • Ground Stabilising Mesh B

      Ground Stabilising Mesh B

      Price: £137.00 (Excl. VAT)
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