I was promised a swimming pool of my own from a very long time. The wait was growing longer and longer until I was told by my parents on my birthday about some sort of surprise. I instantly knew that it was the long anticipated swimming pool. But unfortunately the pool turned out to be more like a massive breakfast bowl or like an expanded paddling pool. Looking at the cheerfully awaited faces of my parents, I realised that I was supposed to be happy. With the passing time it was kind of left unattended. The tiles soon became frothy and the pool was no longer very welcoming.

However to feed my desires, every weekend I went to an open air swimming pool with my friend molly. It was a vibrant and sprightly environment with a small corner of the pool side covered up in grass to lay down on soaking the dazzling sun rays. Molly wasn’t a great swimmer. Every few movements she was consuming the chlorinated water and within metres she was completely plunged in the pool water. Occasionally, his slashing back to the surface was so melodramatic that a life guard would have to pull him out safely. But she never got tired of it.




The atmosphere of this place was so captivating that no matter what we always cherished coming here. The environment was indeed galvanising. Something that I appreciated the most was the maintenance of safety and cleanliness. The pool sides all across were carpeted using rubber pool mats that provided an anti-slip zone for everyone. The mats were of a fresh blue colour, adding on to the elegance of the place. This wet area rubber flooring had perforations or drainage holes that enabled an excellent drainage mechanism and allowed instant drying. The moisture resistant and the anti-bacterial characteristics prevented the build up of any fungal or bacterial contaminations as well as providing protection against dirt or debris. The anti-fatigue and shock absorbent surface of these pool mats provided an outstandingly cushioned surface that served to reduce the sever impacts of any accidental falls. The rubber used in these pool mats is extremely comfortable to the bare foot unlike the hard material such as wood. This hard wearing rubber provides durability with a polished look that beautifies the place. The interlocking design keeps them firm in place leaving no chances of tripping. It gradually became my all time pleasure spot.