She always knew that an exercise workout was effectively going well when the sweaty beds on the skin started to drip down her face, her body and onto the gym floor. The droplets salty just like the tears would crawl into her lips. By the time she was finished her tracksuit would be so soaked up into sweat that it need scrunching and her hair was completely smothered onto her head. Of course the strenuous exercise itself didn’t make her appear at her best while she was doing it, red face and body bathed in her own dampness, but after all these months of extensive input she was definitely getting some double-takes on the street.


The gym was just two miles away from her residence and as you can probably guess she preferred running to her destination. It was a massive fitness centre with an environment brimming with enthusiasm and sparkle. The atmosphere of this place really was the element that enticed and allured them, keeping them engaged and tied up in the act of exertion. The gym flooring surface was layered up with rubber sheets that felt cushioned and comfortable to the feet. The strong and sturdy grip provided fall protection and prevented any severe injuries and bruises. The floors were tolerant against the accumulation of sweat and moisture, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment at all times. The rubber gym mats enabled a quick and convenient cleaning, making the floors easy to manage unlike other hard floors. It is crucial for a gym’s environment to provide an atmosphere that is free from stress and fatigue .The rubber gym mats prevented the build up of stress and strain on the joints and muscles during the intensive workouts and exercise. The flooring surface was safeguarded from dirt, debris and bacteria, keeping the atmosphere neat and vibrant. The exquisite designs and colours were enhancing the beauty of the place, giving it an attractive appearance.


This is the time when she could feel a sense of independence and liberty. For her, this routine was becoming more of an obsession, a golden time when she feels absolutely in command of her own body giving her a sense of self achievement and reliance.