Last year a very close friend of family passed away due to an electric shock from an extension wire, all the acquaintances and relatives were very saddened by this tragic loss. I myself have been curious about this kind of happenings ever since and also very afraid of such happenings because use of extensions and nearby switch boards is a common thing we all do at times, but dying from it is really frightening. I have been searching for alternatives ever since in order to provide electrical shock protection for the safety of my family.

After a year of research and continuous efforts I finally have installed electrical rubber matting at my place and I have made this decision after thorough research. I personally have found electrical rubber flooring very satisfying in terms of safety and not only it protects from electrical shocks but it also protects from any other sorts of falls because of its special anti-slip quality. It offers ultimate comfort and finest look to the floors, ever since I installed these easy to fix rubber mats in my house, I find my house more clean, hassle free and comforting, I comfortably lie anywhere on the floor now and enjoy the ultimate relaxation. These rubber electrical mats have saved many lives because of its ultimate shock absorbing qualities. They are widely used in the buildings commercially and domestically. They are particularly used in offices and control rooms in large malls and shopping centers. These mats have the instant drainage abilities too, which makes them suitable for use in any part of the house. These mats have not only given me peace at heart but I’m content that my family and I are always safe and there is not a slightest risk of electrical shocks at our place.


Many of my relatives are particularly impressed by my approach of safety against the electrical shocks and have ordered their required electrical rubber flooring. Electrical rubber flooring along with all its other qualities gives ultimate clean and enhanced look to the floors because of its wide range and diversity. The high quality of these mats gives them the look they contain and attract every eye that wanders around them. These mats along with shock problem have also solved the back ache problem of my wife because of their anti-fatigue qualities, so, for me these mats are life saver.